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Name:Non Playable Character
Birthdate:Sep 1
Location:Missouri, United States of America
Website:@ Livejournal
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I'm just your garden variety fangirl. I love playing video games (JRPG nerd here), watching various anime, and reading manga. I tend to fangirl a huge variety of shows and whatnot. I like all sorts of shipping including het, slash, femslash, crack, etc. If you believe that shipping is an end all be all, GET THE FUCK OUT.

I like to hang out at LJ as kimchiburger so come drop by!
1. Shipping is not serious business.
2. Type legibly.
3. Be nice or I'll be slapping some bitches.
4. Go wild.
[Status]: College
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[Updating]: --
[Fandom]: DCU
[OTP]: Tim/Kon, Dick+Damian huggles, Supes/Bats, Tim/Kon/Bart
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